OJK encourages Regional Banks to Go Digital in 2021

Digital technology currently makes it very easy for people to carry out various activities so that everything that the community does is not escape from technological developments. One of the activities carried out within the bank to use digital technology which is considered to be one of the catalysts for economic growth in the next year, for this the Financial Services Authority (OJK) wants development banks to adopt digital technology (go digital) in 2021.

Chairman of the OJK Wimbon Santoso said OJK encourages all banks, small banks, BPD, to go digital which aims to facilitate access and financial services for the public but also the bank concerned. In this way, technological adaptation can also enable banks in the regions to provide services that are at least the same as banks in big cities.

It is hoped that digitization in banks will not only be limited to savings instruments but also payment transactions. Including for the lending and borrowing process so that the flow of credit is given quickly and easily because everything will be completely practical, Winboh emphasized that banks also continue to guarantee security protection for customer transactions.

Not only digitalization will be carried out by banks, but the OJK management system will also be applied digitization, from the granting of licenses, fit and proper tests for directors of financial services institutions, to supervision. That way, all activities don't need to be done physically but can go through a system that has been built.

Wimbon also added that the design of an offline monitoring system with technology that can access all information from the bank, even small and remote micro waqf banks can also be accessed by host to host, anytime in any area with technology.

In addition, OJK will also digitize the assisted UMKM with the aim of enabling them to gain access to payments and financing from banks digitally, as well as dominating the online market.

Source: https://www.cnnindonesia.com/ekonomi/20201222180216-78-585339/ojk-ingin-bank-daerah-go-digital-pada-2021

So, We already know that OJK really encourages banks to transform to digitalization. How about you? We recommend that you go digital immediately to increase the productivity of your business.

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