Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between PT Kreditek Financial Access and PT BPR Prima Nadi

PT Kreditek Financial Access signing MOU with PT BPR Prima Nadi. This collaboration is expected to make it easier for PT BPR Prima Nadi to monitor activities and make financial decisions more quickly and precisely during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as to strengthen financial management at PT BPR Prima Nadi in digital-based banking services.

The signing of this collaboration was carried out at the PT BPR Prima Nadi office in Mataram on (11/10/2021), by the President Director of PT BPR Prima Nadi, Oenit Ingmadia. Through this synergy, we hope to become a partner in developing the main Loan Management System that can help PT BPR Prima Nadi so that it becomes the customer's bank choice with the best digital financial service and product innovations so that they can grow and rise together.

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