Governor Fachrori Hope KADIN Gives the Best Gait in Building Jambi Province

Jambi Governor Dr. Drs. H. Fachrori Umar, M.Hum officially opened the VI provincial meeting of the Jambi Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN). This event was held on Monday (9/23) in the auditorium of the Governor's official residence.

Attending the event were the general chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, represented by the Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Organization and Membership Empowerment Anindya Bakrie, elected DPD RI member Sum Indra, elected DPR-RI member H. Bakrie, chairman of the Kadin Jambi Province Usman Sulaiman, Managing Director Bank Jambi M. Yani, Operational Director of PT Kreditek Financial Access Stephen Lumenta and Remco Geervliet Consultants BV from Financial Access

In his remarks the Governor gave his appreciation to the Jambi Provincial Chamber of Commerce and hoped that the Jambi Provincial Chamber of Commerce could take part and provide the best for the Jambi Province

"If we unite together, move with enthusiasm to develop the country, the Jambi Province will turn into an Orderly, Superior, Comfortable, Tough, Fair and Prosperous Jambi Province. I ask Kadin Jambi Province to be a major part of the change and as governor I urge that all entrepreneurs in Jambi province to be more independent without relying solely on government projects, entrepreneurs are expected to be the government's strategic working partners to create new jobs for the community. Jambi Provincial Chamber Must Think Visually "said the Governor.

Continued by the Governor through the VI Muprov Kadin Jambi Province must be able to create a more rational program in conducting in-depth discussions to formulate better future programs.

"As part of your organization's members you have to respond to the differences that exist as a source of strength and not vice versa as a source of division. Congratulations to keep on creating and working towards a brighter future to offer to the people of Jambi at this time or in the future" he said.

Meanwhile, Kadin Indonesia's Deputy Chairperson for Organization, Membership and Empowerment (OKP), Anindya Bakrie, in his speech said that this Musprov is not only an organizational mandate that must be carried out every 5 years, but it is also part of the discussion and hospitality forum as well as thinking about how can the Jambi Province region develop forward in line with other regions in Indonesia.

"I invite the entire Kadin Jambi Province to formulate programs to focus more on the problems faced by the region and the nation at this time. Especially in the economic and business world, Kadin certainly knows exactly where the steps to go in development in Indonesia are, "explained Anindya.

Anindya invited to see the opportunity (industry and service sector growth) to improve the economy in Jambi Province. "I see that Jambi is now very developed and there are a lot of potentials that can be developed for the welfare of the community," he said.

Followed by the delivery of the Plaque from PT Kreditek Financial Access to the Governor and the MOU signature between PT. Kreditek Financial Access to Bank Jambi in this case cooperates in developing the growth of the Agriculture / farming sector.

Chairman of the Jambi Provincial Kadin Usman Sulaiman in his remarks gave a very positive appreciation for establishing good relations with the provincial government. "I appreciate the Jambi Provincial Government for continuing to support Kadin and I hope this collaboration will continue. And we from the Kadin Jambi Province can made a positive contribution in developing the Jambi Province "said Usman.

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