OJK Explains the Challenges of the BPR Industry Today

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) exposes various challenges of the current Rural Bank (BPR) industry. One challenge is the flow of technological development which then leads to the speed of information.

The Director of Research and Regulation of BPR, Ayahandayani said that the development of technology had an impact on the needs of banking services, especially BPRs. Because, the community has now been facilitated by the internet. Through the internet, various information can be accessed easily.

"Now people can use internet handsets so that they demand faster services. All can be held directly with mobile phones to make transactions. Shopping patterns are changing e-commerce. So that BPRs inevitably face challenges with current technological developments," he said in the Training and Gathering event. Jakarta Mass Media, in Bandung, Friday (05/03/2019).

He said, with this pattern of change then required BPRs to keep pace with developments in existing technology. Because, from the service that was previously still done face-to-face now it must begin to change.

"It used to be with a good approach relationship but it must be balanced with technological developments. BPRs must realize that the behavior patterns of community needs have begun to change,"

Ayahandayani said that the efforts made were how BPRs today must be able to anticipate the needs of people who want fast services. For that we need innovation and start to be aware of information technology.

In addition, the next challenge is the problem of competition with other financial institutions. According to him, the existence of commercial bank provisions for lending to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) became the market slice with BPR.

"Furthermore, Rakat Business Credit (KUR) is in line with the BPR market. There are programs such as government agencies CSR or SOEs providing MSME credit to be competitors of BPR. This condition and technology become a challenge for BPRs how they continue to grow providing services in the midst of fierce competition," he concluded

Reporter: Dwi Aditya Putra

Source : Merdeka.com

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